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Sacred Intimacy

Delving inward, choosing to examine and accept all aspects of oneself with kindness, openness and reverence is how we develop and create a path towards sacred intimacy. Before we can experience true, deep intimacy with another, we need to have it with ourselves, with all aspects of our being- body, mind and spirit. Intimacy is a knowing, a closeness, an acceptance acquired through opening our minds and hearts- first to ourselves, then to others. For if we reject parts of our being how are we to accept others and their shadows? When we can recognize the inherent connection to all- the interdependence we have with nature- which supports life -when we can wrap our heads and hearts around the magic, wonder and mystery of not completely knowing and do so with awe and reverence -then we are in a space of acknowledging the sacred. And when we can do so with regards to ourselves and others - that is a truly wondrous experience well worth striving for- to live life as a personal expression of sacred intimacy.


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