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Dreams, hopes, possibilities. They are the light which inspires and motivates us. They can become the source of us shifting behaviors and actions to create and align with a new vision of reality. So what happens when our dreams are killed or die off? When what we held onto with grasping hands is no more, or, perhaps never really was? It can make us feel heart broken. Make us question our inherent worth and value- why else wouldn’t our dreams come to fruition? It can become a catalyst or contribute to an already active negative mindset.

Dreams dying is part of life, as is new dreams appearing to inspire us and take us to heights and places our old dreams might have been too limited to take us. Dreams give hope a shape, something we can then take action to create. Dreams are not meant to exist in a void, a wasteland of unfulfilled potential, they are meant to be stimulus for change. As we open, grow and shift so too will the dreams we have. As we grow in self and experience, dreams which were relegated to fantasy realm now have real considerations. It’s up to us to see if a dream is a remnant of the past or a directive to a new future. Knowing when to release or surrender a dream from the past with kindness is necessary so we can allow space for a new, more appropriate dream to appear. Keep hope alive and there will always be fuel for your dreams. How do we keep or grow in hope? By not being constrained by the limits of time and space. By remembering and tapping into the infinite, limitless abundance which surrounds and envelops all. Surrender the limits of self and invite in the abundance of all that is, and let the real dreaming begin.

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