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Being and Doing

Being and Doing

Such a dance is

Ever going on between being and doing

It’s not an either or.

Like most things,

I think it’s an integration and balance

We are striving for.

Life requires we get things done

Not just sit on the sidelines.

Can we, in our doing, our busyness,


Hold the space in our minds and day

To appreciate our being?

Or are we continually focused on running from task to task

Feeling the pressures,

Going without the pause, without observing,

Forgetting the joy and why of life

Perhaps only momentarily or

Perhaps for the majority of time.

Our dissatisfaction in the midst of doing

Stems from a disassociation of being.

The doing of feeding the soul is vital

As necessary as any other item on our to do list

And, even more so, if we are out of balance.

Being often gets much talk but little presence

In our lives

To strive to strike balance it may be necessary

To have it be forefront,

Until we can learn to dance again.


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