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January 27,2017

Some days are challenging, some are a piece of cake. Even in the midst of what feels like darkness, we can remember the seed needs the dark to begin the process which will allow it to open itself up and grow into its programmed potential. It needs the dark, which softens it, gets it to break open and bring forth what is inside. The dark also provides the fertilizer- broken down from past challenges and turned into the compost which nourishes the next difficulty. Allowing that the process is working on us, if we can hold somewhat steady and allow it, even when it may feel like backtracking or like that can't possibly be the case. Trust, by seeing the pattern of life, of knowing nothing is static, life is meant to evolve and grow, that nothing truly stays the same; it either winds itself tighter, becoming more enmeshed or the bonds become undone and we move beyond what used to limit us and into more of what's possible. If we can remember this when feeling encompassed by what appears to be darkness- it can help us remember that this too shall pass and eventually life brings something different- and very possibly- better. So Breathe it out. This moment too shall pass.


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