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Much has happened of late to reinforce as well as challenge my trust. My trust in the bigger energies at play- the energies which align with me when I am aligned. What shows up when I practice, the why behind my practice- so that when I am really in need I am not alone, I am supported, on many fronts and levels. The only way to know and experience that is to be in need of it. Which is why there are challenges, because when we can come through them we can build our trust, our level of faith to a higher level than it was or could've been before the difficulties. The challenge is to maintain the practices and the trust whilst in the thick of it, when the outcome is fuzzy, when my efforts get unclear results, no direct indication that I'm on the right path, other than a knowing in some way I have been here before, maybe the challenges weren't as intense, or similar, but I came through to the other side then - and will again- eventually! And once again, pause and breathe. Seems to be the universal solution! And so I continue to practice. 

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