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Revisiting a post from 3 years ago

Bliss hits- little buzzes of joy have been hitting me the last few weeks. When I am able to look around and really see the beauty of my surroundings , of my life - when I have removed all my blocks, shields and am as present and open as I can be- I get hit- and it is awesome! The more I come into my heart space , the more I get out of my head and allow myself to feel all the good there is and that's possible, the more intense it is. I am growing my ability to stay there longer and longer- to make it intentional vs random- what an awesome power that is! To be able to create , to feel the sensation of complete joy! It is what this human body was designed for-to appreciate and feel the wondrous creations of which we are a part. Definitely an easier task on some days than others. Some days I can feel the weight, the heaviness trying to shut me down, on those days I know I will have my work cut out for me. Amp up the work with my tools, hit it hard, relentlessly, until I can feel a bit of space open up again, feel the expansion back into possibilities and positivity and a hint of the joy somewhere if the weight continues to dissipate. Being in tune with the emotional sensations within our body- and where they are residing - and connecting and seeing where they are guiding us and observing the trajectory we're on is our first action step. Asking the seat of the emotion- in its location within us- what it is that we are truly in need of- because what we're feeling is a symptom of something deeper trying to get our attention. We then have several options- continue to let the emotions run the show- take us off course, taking to a place or outcome which isn't in our best interest; or redirect- over and over- avoid but not deal with the 'why'; or we can see this as an opportunity to get some clarity, understanding and some deep self cleansing and clearing out of obstacles which we've been dealing with in one way or another - typically most of our lives. The insights, the clearings come in waves- riding them is our best option so we can becoming a more skilled surfer with each inevitable wave that comes our way. The waves are part of our landscape our whole life, instead of denying or resisting them and getting pummeled , we can learn to ride them, grow skilled and keep our heads above water. As always, choice is ours,as is, if we decide to do our practice, and to own our co- creative life experience. Doing our part to make life more positive, joy filled or rocky and resistant. It's all about the flow- we're either in it or we're not. 

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