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Next Level

It’s interesting when we are upleveling from what was our current baseline to what will become the new. We may have felt we were doing good but a new experience shows us that was only good for then- it’s no longer enough moving forward. We can’t know what we’re lacking until we receive it- by gift of creative consciousness- or by learning to allow ourselves to receive or ask for more. Oftentimes others will notice a shift in us before we do. I had people telling me how much happier I looked after an event in my life, but if you’d asked me during it I’d have said I was plenty happy. I was a certain degree of happy, but the scale definitely had room to move up. We don’t know what we don’t know. Opening ourselves up to possibility allows in a world we oftentimes can’t imagine, That’s because for the most part we operate within the constraints of our past experiences and the limitations of time and space. Possibilities are about the yet undiscovered future and allowing it to show up however it deems appropriate. When upleveling the present becomes challenging- and it’s usually repetitive old challenges we default to. For me this latest go round has felt like a faucet turned on full blast pouring negative thoughts through my mind. A litany of unkind, judgemental, comparative, self deprecating words which are typically kept corralled and only brought out with specific triggers. They were refusing to be quiet, replaced or ignored. So I tried surrendering them- letting them float up and away from me to be dealt with by source- G- generating, O- organizing, D- destroying force- offering over and over again what my negative mind had created and lo and behold- it worked! Repeatedly releasing them freed me, unburdened me and created space for my neutral and positive mind to begin to hold sway. To begin to open myself, embrace myself and see myself as my own beloved. It’s been quite the journey to arrive at a space where I can start to (literally) look at myself and feel unconditional love. It has always been conditional, with the knowledge that in one way or another I always mess up, fall short, am imperfect. To accept that knowledge and extend love anyway is so incredibly freeing and self supportive. I can feel how much heart opening has been created allowing me to work more freely with compassion not just for myself but for others as well. I am feeling empowered moving forward into today and tomorrow and excited to see what all I can and will say yes to! 

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