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Challenging Ourselves To Grow

Stepping into new terrain without the comfort and security of practice, experience and know how requires us to be humble and vulnerable. That alone could or should be reason enough to challenge ourselves with the unfamiliar, but what can also come along with pursuing our interests and curiosity, besides embarrassment, awkwardness, stumbling and loads of self judgment, is a release of self limitations. There are so many ways we hold ourselves back, tell ourselves ‘no’, that we rarely allow ourselves the opportunity to do what is part of the natural biological condition- to adapt to changes and allow what is unfamiliar and uncomfortable to grow into something much less foreign. Our competence, confidence and expanded belief of what we’re capable of is a practice we need to repeat over and over again by releasing limiting beliefs and stepping up our efforts and belief in possibilities. The need to hope, to grow is a necessary part of the human condition; when we lose hope, passion, possibility, the ability to dream and to follow that dream with action we sink into a funk, a depression, an acceptance that this is as good as it can be. We lower our frequency and the effort to change becomes more and more difficult with each refusal to try something outside our comfort zone. If we desire more ease then we need to practice repetition of the action which will create that which we desire.  

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