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Ought to Should… Need to Constraints that bind us from the outside Listening to experts telling us what to do We are well versed in this. Obedient, obliging, deferring To others. While not to be completely avoided It ought to be more curtailed With more weight, practice and trust Given over to the development Of one of our own inherent senses The one we tend to give the least regard to Intuition When used regularly it grows Becomes stronger, more dependable It can surprise us Lead us in unfamiliar directions Territory heretofore unexplored It can be our greatest ally To experience the life we most desire and dream of Intuition is connection Connecting to the small still voice, a glimpse A passing thought, a knowing within It is a sense which, for most, lies at least partially dormant So the vast wisdom available is ignored or never sought Instead of being taught obedience and rote We should be encouraging inner dialogue, trust And artistic expression- which is really just the freedom to be a unique individual The courage to do so requires we listen Go within To hear the heart’s message When we do so everything changes We come from joy instead of obligation Though the outside world may not detect visible changes Our inner world is aglow with support, answers, insights Our inner compass gently guide us from love So we can relinquish being molded from the need or imposition of others Who speak and heed from fear And begin to express ourselves From the inside out 

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