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How can I afford to be generous? I so often feel lack, constrained, limited Not abundant, flush. Where’s mine? Where’s fair enter the picture? I’m asking the wrong question- it should be- How can I afford not to be generous? When I forget all that I have When I think mainly about myself When I come from fear and constriction How can I allow myself to stay in such a loveless state? A barren wasteland echoing with cries of self pity? No thank you, not when I have a choice To delve within and connect to what is forever present The ever abundant, undying, infinite self There’s a part within me in everything- That's the part I wish to be connected to To be associated with, to be remembered as Love, grace, compassion To do so I just need to drop the illusion which has me believe I am alone, that I need to protect myself with barriers to stay safe I have to choose to be in other than the space I am To occupy a different realm Where I feel expanded, happy, abundant From here, it’s a natural, organic extension of who I truly am To be generous So how can I afford not to? When I receive all this beauty How can I not be generous? I am the loser dismissing my blessings if I don’t, No one else. I am Abundant How can I be anything other than what I am? When I am generous It feels so good To be home again So I invite and invoke The connection and support which has never abandoned me But has only been patiently awaiting my remembrance Of the fullness forever present within me... And you 

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