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I Always figured if I did more Worked harder Adhered more stringently Practiced more perfectly Eventually I'd get to a place Of relief Of arrival Of being at peace Feeling worthy Happy So every year, my practice grows, strengths Develops, shifts And it helps me, tremendously But it still falls short. I get along, pretty good. Better in so many ways But nowhere near where it is I wish to be.. then I really 'get' it! When I finally stop trying to prove myself, Stop doing it all myself, When I Allow in grace, Receive Surrender That's when it all shifts Now I can see my shortcomings My Falling short My lack As opportunities. This process is more than I can do by or for myself. Seeking and finding what has always been present Waiting for me to acknowledge I'm worthy Specifically because of my fallibilities My imperfections. My cracks are where I can allow the answer to my need to enter in. To speak to me. Now the very aspects I denied, resented, tried to coverup or ignore I can appreciate and honor As the very means to my saving grace. 

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