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Talented, Beautiful, Yes We Are!

It can be so easy to see another’s talents, beauty and gifts and to negate their self doubts, even to be stunned and surprised by them! Yet we can be blind to our own unique abilities and find numerous ways to put the brakes on ourselves. The slowing down or halting of the shining of ourselves and how we’re meant to show up, with self doubt, judgement and comparison can keep us frozen, killing any forward momentum, or sometimes, any initiative at all. Every time to we do so, we are depriving the world of the unique gift which only we are capable of bringing. We are present in this life- we can choose to blossom and flower fully into all we are, or we can stay pulled in tightly protective and dormant - which serves? Hiding ourselves, our light and gifts, under a bushel, allowing our fears to drive us in a time where all the light there is is needed in the world could possibly be considered selfish and inconsiderate. . We need to expand our vision and experience beyond ourselves and just the personal, to recognize the interconnectedness of us all. What we do and bring to life matters. Being brave- even in the midst of our fears, choosing the collective needs of the world for each of us to show up fully in our integrity, needs to outweigh our individual insecurities and perhaps, give us a cause and reason to do so we’d not considered before. Let’s encourage ourselves and each other to shine - and to share ourselves. This is done by heeding the quiet voice within asking us to be seen- where and when we might rather not be. We think, in order for our light to be worthy to be shared, it must be of the wattage of a superstar. So wrong! Ask those who love you- your wattage is of that caliber for them because of the attributes which combine together as you. We don’t need to ‘do’, but we do need to be- be ourselves fully in all the glory and ordinary that we each are. I see it in you, may you know it in yourself- shine on! 

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