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Ownership- of All of It!

Coming out of the summer solstice and into a Mars retrograde with a full moon, means this week, like most this year, has some heavy stuff coming up. Like personal responsibility for all our choices. Owning our radiance, choosing to relinquish old programming which is in place to keep us dim, part of the crowd, obedient and instead, to live a thinking life-one where we’re constantly aware of having choices. Choices which can contribute to a life well lived, explored, owned- or not. Right now, I’m acutely aware of the work/ choices involved in not allowing my negative mind to become the sole operator and originator of my thoughts. The weather, a perceived slight or the worry about what another is thinking or interpreting from my words or actions can be all it takes to slide me over into negativity. Once there, it’s easy to fall into the mode of ‘life is happening to you’. Victim hood- an outlook where darkness and negativity outweigh the beauty and positivity constantly surrounding us. Choosing to own the power of directing my thoughts becomes crucial while the weight of the negative mind is still manageable and before these inner thoughts get magnified, my frequency drops and I feel disconnected from the light which I know myself to be. It is choice, practice and habit which assist me on this journey. And a lot of intentionality. If I slack, slip into negative or lack talk in conversation with others, if I repeat to others a negative experience one too many times- I feel myself, my thoughts, my energy descending. It may just seem like commiserating, relating, and everyone does it, (part of the tribal quality to keep us all on par and lights dim) but I know how steep the cost is and it’s one I don’t relish paying. So.. that means choosing to be awake, aware, conscious of the empowering choices which make me feel truly aligned with my best self. The energy required to shift if caught early is slight, but much more challenging if allowed to progress for any extended period of time. Hopefully we can learn to explore the polarities of situations- even the negative but be able to come back and hold our centers longer and with a bit more ease each time around. My practice of the moment is to walk by a mirror and pause, look at all of me, especially the part I’m feeling not as grateful towards as I could or should and say to that part I’m thinking critically of-‘you’re beautiful ‘. I know there are a lot of us out there who are less than fully accepting of ourselves-especially with the marketing which constantly bombards us with images designed explicitly to create dissatisfaction with ourselves so we can be sold a ‘fix’. So, I’m practicing self love for all my parts, in all their unique beauty, power and purpose. This is something I ebb and flow with- usually I can view myself through compassionate eyes, but I’ve been faltering a bit lately, so for this time of facing our challenges and finding ways to release or integrate our way towards wholeness, this is one way I’m doing so. Small, seemingly inconsequential points of awareness and action to shift towards alignment is a powerful practice- and what now, even more than ever, we’re being called to do. Much love and support to all of us with growing these practices in all areas of our lives. 

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