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Resiliency 7-2-2018

Patience, allowing, flow. With Mars coming into retrograde our tendency to move ahead, to get things accomplished, may feel hampered. Mars is connected to our root chakra, so in combination with the aftereffects of the full moon last week, we're dealing with old issues tied to that chakra: , feelings like scarcity, abandonment, security. The fact that we can be affected by a planet, thousands of miles away from us, shifting in its position is indicative of how connected we are to everything in our environment. Being aware of all the influences upon us helps with better understanding ourselves and others and what each might be going through. Being so interconnected means in order to not be constantly swayed by external goings on, we need to find our center and learn to stand strong in it, to develop resiliency. Being sensitive to the external going ons helps us recognize that we, ourselves, in turn, are an outside influence upon others. What that looks like will depend upon how much we are able to command our thoughts, which in turn drive our actions. Are we more influenced by the negative, the positive or are we developing an ability to experience the neutral? The pause, to expand our ability to hold space and allow an unfolding to happen. That space is our connection to the infinite, to possibility, to a higher vibration which has the ability to elicit change in all directions, upon all things. That space is constantly flowing, shifting, adapting. Being. Resiliency means we have some command, some authority, so we are participating in life, owning our choices and experiences while acknowledging the results may not be exactly what we imagined or desired, but we hold up our end with what we do have control over. Being as we are so influenced by our environment it makes sense to create and surround ourselves with what will best elevate and support us to be our best. Connecting to our solidness within, our core being of unique light and truth and defaulting to that being, is a process of debunking the tales we have been told and tell ourselves stating otherwise. That is what our current environment is assisting us with. So let’s take advantage of this gift, of this time, by being compassionate, gentle, knowing this can be heavy, deep but vastly rewarding work. 

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