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Seems to require optimal conditions It’s a possibility when the going’s easy Nay impossible the rest of the time A seemingly insurmountable goal To open ones heart in acceptance And love To not just any kind But the unconditional Do any of us really know what that is? Have we had the personal experience to be able to relate from? Are we truly capable? One wonders But that’s the doubt and limitations speaking Stopping us before we ever attempt the impossible As with most things We get to begin at home, practicing on ourselves How to get from barely tolerating one's own self To accepting, even celebrating it? It’s a choice, a journey But what we learn at home, at our own breast Gives us tools and practice Towards the unconditional Which is the act of surrendering The blinders, the effort In order to move into the space Which is already present But we have lost sight of In our disconnect By starting at home, with ourselves It’s then mirrored outward Love, unconditional Is all around, all the time Are we willing to accept it? In the offerings of birdsong In the healing beam of sunshine In the beauty of nature In a child’s smile In an embrace What we invite in We then become aware of having always been present And it becomes impossible to keep to ourselves As it is meant to be shared, to flow To be the experience of Unconditional Love 

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