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The Trust Challenge

Our anxiety-driven and unpredictable world will often deteriorate anyone's ability to trust. Trust is part of our survival mechanism that provides feedback on safety. The inability to trust another person means security will always be under threat. Mistrust can also arise from not understanding or placing trust in yourself. The two questions for the trust dilemma are, do we trust ourselves and can we trust others?

Instead of focusing on the potential for being hurt by others, we can discover opportunities for developing our confidence no matter what we encounter. Difficulties and issues of personal safety are a regular part of life. The real effort is choosing to be present and participate in all of life's challenges. Take the trust challenge as a means for more significant outcomes. The benefits of personal growth and intuition gained through trusting ourselves are worth the effort. When our investment into confidence is only partial - our growth return will also be limited.

If we desire to be all-in, then we must commit ourselves to trust again. Become an example of trust in yourself and others, take leadership and build a trust fund that will create exciting pathways to somewhere you’ve never been before.

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