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We have the option to be miserable Or not To be happy Or not Mostly We are in control of our own suffering We are entitled to the desires, wishes Regarding ourselves That’s one of the areas we exert control But when we become dependent upon Another’s actions To fulfill our desires We’re setting ourselves up to be unhappy If happy, content within It will spread outward, emanating As a frequency Affecting as much or more Than one's words or actions So where is my focus? Where I have control Or not? Building equanimity within oneself For life’s smaller issues Makes us more resilient when the bigger ones hit. Our practice What are we committing ourselves to? We all do it Whether aware or not- Practice and commit that is Our feelings and experiences will tell us to what By where our focus goes Building the feelings, life we desire Serving us Or not? Is a shift of our attention due Or are we content where we are? Desires help fuel new experiences, growth, hope So perhaps Balanced at this moment’s time and circumstances Balanced As much as is possible With the constant flux Which is life Might be the better question to ask ourselves.

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