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Winter Blahs/SAD

- seasonal affective disorder


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Marigold - carries the energy of longevity, stamina, and sunshine.


St. John’s Wort - is a light regulator. It brings spiritual light to a soul that feels enveloped in darkness.


Elecampane - helps us get the most from whatever sunlight we receive.

Sunflower - is powerful medicine that bestows radiant golden light, higher vision and keen awareness. It will help you orient yourself towards the Sun, the giver of life and vitality. It is a powerful self-love and confidence booster.

Yellow Yarrow - used for protection at the mental and social levels.

Zucchini - when we feel run down, at a low ebb or in need of renewed vigor after an illness or difficulty. It also helps us to be productive.

Jerusalem Artichoke - strengthens the solar plexus and helps you to find your own power; the connection with the light or sun as center of your life. Helps you with the manifestation of your dreams. Gives strength, vitality and energy.

Lime/Citrus - helps release toxic thoughts. It does this by cleansing the mental body of lower vibrations. As a result our ability to perceive the world and ourselves in a more positive light grows.


Note: if taking more than 1 remedy be sure to take them at different times of the day- not together.
Ingredients : purified water, vibrational frequencies of flowers, plants and trees preserved in a local plum brandy. Gemstone, Reiki and Moon charged.

Dosage recommendation: can be taken on tongue or in beverage 3 - 7 drops, 1 - 4x/ day. Test yourself and allow your intuition to guide you on your journey.

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