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- supports the ability to love one's self.

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At the root of addiction is the belief we are unworthy- which is about love- so we deny ourselves that most fundamental life affirming ingredient.

Dogbane - brings our awareness to our addiction and its attraction for us- the root for which it is substituting itself for.


Sow Thistle - deals with comparisons we make, the not measuring up feelings and accompanying inappropriate behaviors.


Deptford Pink - shows us the difference even the smallest action can make and reminds us why we are doing something or supports us in another choice


Pink Yarrow - is a protector of one's energy, especially the heart


Hawthorn - is calming, holding us during times of emotional stress. It opens channels, moving and releasing feelings and allows us to access hope, trust, love and forgiveness, while inspiring resiliency and strength of heart


Rose Campion - offers the grace of love for when we are ready to leave a non-serving pattern or are in the process of clearing ourselves from past abuses.

Lemon Balm - calms ones sensitivities and reactivity

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