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Take 3-5 drops in water or on
tongue 3x/ day - or as your
intuition guides you.





    These are challenging and often overwhelming times. It may seem easier or even necessary to shut ourselves down, to isolate in an attempt to shut out the negativity and apparent hopelessness in the world. Our shadow habits, the protective measures we take, can seem to be a comfort, but now, more than ever, our light is needed. Not just so we feel better but so the necessary changes we came here to create happen. We are being supported to change, to express ourselves in a new manner, in a way we may have resisted or tried in the past but without success. This was our shadow trying to keep us safe by not venturing away from the familiar, however by doing so, it prevented us from growing forward into the unknown. These flowers can help us break through these barriers, to say yes, to move into whatever our next adventure is meant to be.

    PRAIRIE SMOKE FLOWER - for softening excessive personal boundaries. It finds and brings forth, a yielding quality and feeling of acceptance however small or fragile we may be feeling. It works with the heart chakra, is an air and earth plant, helping us ground our ideas by filtering them through our hearts.

    RED GORSE - helps us keep faith during uncertain times, to see things in another light, to be able to continue moving forward despite seemingly overwhelming odd. Works at our deepest held beliefs and fears.

    WOODLAND STARFLOWER - reciprocity, we shine our brightest when we seek not just for our own benefit but when we are willing to make our actions beneficial for all beings. Blessings multiply for all when we remember our connection is to all, everywhere.


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