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Take 3-5 drops in water or on
tongue 3x/ day - or as your
intuition guides you.





    NETTLES - protection, hexes, keeps malevolent influence and energies out of your spaces and sends them back to where they came from while bringing in gentle loving vibrations.

    ELDER - Exorcism, banishing, healing.

    CEDAR - healing, purification, and spiritual protection.

    ROSEMARY - protection, cleansing, healing, strength.

    WHITE YARROW - psychic protection.

    ANGELICA - protection and guidance from spiritual beings.



    LICORICE HYSSOP – protective.

    LAVENDER - washes one’s energetic field and soothes and heals a shattered soul force.

    ST JOHN’S WORT - heals one’s auric field of leaks and vulnerability to negative psychic energies, or people, provides psychic protection.

    JUNIPER – purification.

    PALO SANTO - purify, remove negativity and obstacles while attracting good fortune.

    RAVENSCAR - protective, cleansing.

    TULSI – protection.

    SAGE - releases what is troubling the mind, negative energy, cleansing.


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