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Roll freely onto pulse points.





    CORALROOT ORCHID - magnifies patience, wisdom and equanimity. Awakens an understanding that just ‘being’ is enough, that our presence is powerful.

    INDIAN GHOSTPIPE - encourages you to rise above arguing and warring into a higher state of consciousness.

    PINEAPPLE WEED - allows Divinity to enter through the heart so guidance can be heard and felt.

    DAISY - aligns heart, mind and consciousness which supports clearer communication with higher self and angels. Instills a sense of peaceful calm and helps one feel protected and loved.

    MONKSHOOD - helps you to stabilize after exposure to frightening or traumatic situations by balancing your emotions and helping you see with clarity and calmness.

    WOODLAND STRAWBERRY - encourages you to surrender, without worry to challenging life situations from a place of calm acceptance.

    PRICKLY LETTUCE - a great calmer that helps you focus and communicate clearly. Soothes the central nervous system and eases external stresses.


    LAVENDER – lifts depression, eases stress and anxiety. Natural sedative and relaxant.

    SPRUCE - promotes a sense of centering, calm, focus, grounding and allows for opening and expansion on all levels.

    JUNIPER - strongly protective, dispels negative energies and entities. Helps with focus and concentration. Associated with prophecy.

    FENNEL - encourages tolerance, compassion and brings understanding to a higher perspective.

    LEMON - promotes spiritual health, well-being and love. Balances the chakras, purifies the mind, body and spirit and spaces used for spiritual practices.

    ROSEWOOD - uplifting, strengthening.

    CYPRESS - spiritually grounding, gives a secure sense of self, allows one to be more flexible.

    CORIANDER - allows more spiritual light and connection to enter the physical body.


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