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I have enough

I am enough

I am abundant in self love

I release the limitations of my past as I move confidently and supported into my future.


Helps with appetite control and weight loss while addressing the root reasons why we self sabotage and carry extra weight. 


  • STEVIA- used in treating diabetes, weight loss, water retention and hypolipidemia. 

    For finding and creating joy in our life, through movement, breath, awareness of the world and our place in it. For creating  a new identity based on joy- not on outside accomplishment or how others see you.

    YUCCA- fights free radicals, stabilizes the digestive system-with resistant starch which helps feed the “good” bacteria in the intestines. Regulates metabolic disturbances and reduces glucose levels. An air purifier.

    Grounds, opens, brings a sense of safety, the ability to forgive, to let go of past regrets and guilt thus freeing your inner light and beauty to shine. Helps us hold a bigger perspective: the future while dwelling in the present. Re-ignites passion and purpose. Supports healing and walking the path of recovery from  major health crises. 

    FENNEL-controls appetite, diuretic, can help remove toxins, weight loss, kick-starts  metabolism. Energetically fights parasites and invasive energies which compromise the body.

    Gives clarity to see when it’s time to change directions and leave the past behind so we can continue  our growth.  Gives courage to release the limiting belief of perfectionism.

    CHICKWEED- nature’s fat buster, contains saponins which emulsify fat cells and flush them from the body, appetite suppressant, and supports healthy thyroid function.

    Promotes Self Love, helps us let go of the past without a sense of guilt or failure, helps us relax and enjoy the present moment.

    OREGANO- contains the compound carvacrol- found in genes and proteins which controls fat synthesis.

    A remedy of release, for giving up control and influence.

    FIELD PEPPER- spicy, warms digestion, diuretic, eases rheumatic pain,helps with diabetes, and to expel intestinal worms.

    Stimulates the solar plexus chakra, the source of one’s inner strength. It brings back feelings of happiness, contentment and enjoyment of the magic of life.

    RHODODENDRON- antioxidants may reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improve liver health, diabetes.

    Helps us learn how to become truly nurturing caretakers of our innermost self.

    ALOE- boosts metabolism, controls blood sugar. 

    Helps with healthy expression of emotions instead of repression- thereby healing on both etheric/auric and physical/cellular levels. 


  • RED GRAPEFRUIT - mental and physical stimulant.

    ORANGE - reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, lifts mood and reduces stress.

    PINK LOTUS - soothes and calms.

    BERGAMOT - alleviates tension, anxiety and depression by reducing the levels of cortisol in the body. Also promotes feelings of cheerfulness and energy.

    NEROLI - uplifts the spirit mind, bringing you into a peaceful state.

    HYSSOP - brings mental clarity and reduces stress.

    MELISSA - calming and uplifting.


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