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Take 3-5 drops  on fingers and gently tap around eye(s).
You can also take 2-5 drops internally 2x/day.





  • Ragged Robin - purification- clears the way for your energies to flow freely and abundantly. Brings hope and faith during chaos, upheaval or dark nights of the soul.. Helps you experience a greater connection to your multidimensional self, your soul’s purpose and soul gifts. This may mean that  you will become attracted to different choices. 
    My energy is clear and bright.

    Deptford Pink - self-worth essence. It is the light itself that holds the key and the power. Even a tiny speck of light dispels the darkness.
    I own and shine my light.

    Red Dahlia - improves emotional resiliency and stamina, as well as stimulating positive feelings of faith, optimism, and confidence. 
    Helps us recognize we are all uniquely beautiful. 
    I am beautiful inside and out.

    Yucca - grounds, brings the remembrance of the Light of Love that you are. It gives you confidence and courage to allow your Light to shine brightly as you step forward towards the new era of this planet’s re-birthing.
    I am loved.

    Iris - for eliminating the frustration caused by feelings of imperfection, self-criticism, feeling timid. Strengthens our attunement to our creativity. Encourages the perception of beauty in all aspects of life. For coming into one’s own personal power. Being our own authority.
    I am divine perfection.

    Lady Slipper - regulates circulation in all of the major energy pathways; increases awareness of the flow of subtle energy in and around the body. Brings clarity and creative expression of inner purpose/true calling, grounding our spirituality into our physical body with a greater ability to 'walk our talk'. Emotional stability.
    I am aligned with my soul’s purpose.  

    Canterbury Bells - encourages self-expression and sounding your own unique vibration. Brings clarity, helps you to speak your truth, empowerment and responsibility instead of victim consciousness- means being ready to hear the hard stuff. Learning to better develop and manage response mechanisms to the energies at play in your life.
    I am empowered and entrusted with self responsibility.

    Thimbleberry - radical change of self image at core levels. Flowing with joy and gratitude through all circumstances.
    I  am trusting and overflowing with joy and gratitude


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