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Take 3-5 drops  on fingers and gently tap around eye(s).
You can also take 2-5 drops internally 2x/day.





  • CARROT - encourages priorities, promotes natural rhythm and order of the body, organization, feeling of having enough time and space and support.

    SPIDERWORT- discernment, notice what might otherwise go unnoticed, heals auric field, releases emotional trauma, pain and negative patterns. Protective.

    MARSH MARIGOLD - for orientation, direction to go next, helps us shine, breaks down barriers of communication.

    GOLDENROD - perseverance, focus, positive attitude, strong, secure sense of self- when alone or in group.

    LARKSPUR - inner guidance, strength, self leadership, enthusiasm and charisma.

    CHOKECHERRY - helps you return to the innocence of the true heart- unwounded and free to start over. Inner peace and wholeness.

    SWEET WILLIAM - inner clarity to be our best self, living in alignment with divinity.


    BALSAM OF PERU- relieves anxiety, overwhelming emotions, nervous tension. Prosperity, happiness, peace, unconditional love and empathy.

    NUTMEG- calms body and emotions, releases doubt, fears and resistance, connects us spiritually, increases self esteem.

    GINGER- corrects and aligns all layers of our being, personal empowerment.

    CARDAMON- helps release beliefs and emotions stuck in small intestine and stomach, personal and ancestral.

    CYPRESS- spiritually grounding, helps us accept change, feel more secure within self.

    PALO ALTO- purifies and cleanses body and mind for tranquility and calmness.

    BLACK PEPPER- activates third eye, power, passion, individuality

    VANILLA- feeling of safety, relieves fears and anxiety,reduces negative emotions.


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