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Take 3-5 drops in water or on
tongue 3x/ day - or as your
intuition guides you.





    OCEANSPRAY - when covering deep grief, sorrow and heartache while taking care of daily life as if everything is fine. Moves 2nd chakra congestion/stagnation, frees flow of feelings and emotions.

    LUNGWORT/FORGET ME NOT - for when depression weighs heavily into the body itself, often affecting the breath. Reclamation of soul light in the deepest structures of the body, recovery from depression or addiction with new forces of hope and uplift.

    ELDER FLOWER - stimulates powers of recovery, bringing joy, energy and resilience where there is emotional congestion. Stagnant, heavy emotional states are relieved and replaced with peace and a strong sense of optimism.

    PANSY - gives the sense of stability and the feeling of safety from which you can open your heart and feel your emotions.

    RED HIBISCUS - increases energy, zeal and passion for life and helps cleanse stored trauma.

    SNOWBERRY- gives us the strength to resist and persist, to get through the darkness.

    HONEYSUCKLE - encourages the positive potential to live in the present and not be held back. Reflect and learn from the past, leaving the regret behind.


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