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Assists us in finding and heeding  true north: that which is our true essence, our unique light. Clears what is hindering, limiting, preventing us from fully embodying  our power, which is just us vibrating at the frequency we were created to resonate as.


Wisteria -is for those of us who are shy and fearful of being truly seen. Opens the heart chakra and helps us express more love while reducing fear of comparison.

I am love freely expressed.


Goldenrod- instills self-trust and confidence and a stronger sense of our individual identity.

I stand tall and confident in myself. 


Borage-serves as a guiding light, emboldening us to embrace our fears and place our trust in the divine and its infinite powers. 

I am Courageous.


Scotch Broom- gives courage, abundance and strength.

My path is clear and open. 


Vervain- balance- moderation, tolerance, the middle way,  embodied idealism.

I embody wisdom and calm.


Camas/Wild Hyacinth- helps you express what you want to create to manifest a meaningful and potent life.  How we communicate with ourselves and others through words, which are vibrations that create form. Facilitates hearing multi-dimensional Guidance. Balance, love, clears obstacles and negativity, reprograms negative thought patterns.

I am open, receptive and balanced in my words and thoughts.


Wild Carrot- grounding, brings spiritual clarity to situations, peace of mind, relieves sense of pressurization and lack of time. 

I see all with the clarity of my soul.


Essential Oils 

Ylang ylang-balances masculine and feminine energies, builds inner joy,

attracts love and positivity.


Clementine-invites us to be more easy going and adapting, even during difficult times. Creates more happiness, peace, joy, fun, and sweetness.


Blue Cypress - balance and calm to the body, mind, and spirit especially during times of emotional discomfort and unease.


Linaloe Wood- Calming, joyful, protective. Courage, to grow in the aspects of divine love.


Yuzu- centers and helps us to be present. It connects and opens the right brain allowing us to be more in touch with our creative side. A sacred Japanese oil, like sage, it 

cleanses negative energy and as negative thought forms or patterns. Grounding, spiritual, elevating, calming.


Key Lime- cleanse, purify and renew the spirit and the mind.

protective, brings clarity . 


Damiana -relaxing and uplifting: helpful for anxiety, mild depression, and nervous exhaustion. 


Peppermint-cleansing for mental clarity and prophetic visions


Rose-love, compassion, and understanding. Associated with heart chakra which bridges the lower and upper chakras. It is the center of compassionate consciousness, Divine love and relational connectedness.



  • EMPOWER Set includes flower essence drops and a roller with the essential oil blend and flower essence formula.

    Set is $60


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