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For stepping into the New!! Releasing old patterns, allowing one’s heart to open,  connecting to one another, being in/finding  community. 


Catalpa- is a deep healer of the heart.


Sea Holly- fosters calm, inner peace and the overcoming of one’s insecurities and feelings of  vulnerability to criticism. Stand in one’s power, radiance and strong sense of self.


Wild Buckwheat-  assists in being adaptable to change, releasing old patterns and behaviors, aligning with others as well as one’s own vision -being in community. 


Sagewort- gives clarity, wisdom, opens one’s  heart for the new/transition, helps you align with your purpose and trust you are loved and supported.


Toadflax- releases old wounds, old ways of being- without judgment.


Teasle- releases what is not of the true self. Deeply protective.  Creates space  needed to heal from long illness and/or behavior patterns. Helps to reestablish a connection between the base and crown chakras. 


Piper Anemone-for changing entrenched cellular behaviors.


Purslane- leave the past behind so you can expand your vision of what’s possible. 



Forest blend- gives clarity to what has been suppressed and needs your attention. Promotes harmony on the spiritual, emotional and mental planes. It provides gentle strength, support, clarity and connection. Protection. 


Balsam fir- grounds the body and empowers the mind. Aligns the sacral and heart chakras. 


Blue tansy-nourishes the spirit, releases resistance.


Lotus-opens the  Chakras (specifically the Third Eye) and dispels negative emotions and thoughts, aids one on their spiritual path.


Cypress-stimulates growth, trust, flow of life..


Basil- brings balance between body, mind and spirit .Helps with meditation and intuition.


Eucalyptus- for strength, protection, purification and abundance.. Increases faith and connection to our higher self.


Vanilla- induces feeling of safety, relieves anxiety and fears. 


Spikenard -inspires devotion and  inner peace. 

2024 Combo:Flower Essences and Oil Roller



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