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Let your true self shine! Be bold, creative, expressive, abundant, joyous, unique! Resilient to outer chaos, to your old stories. Be uplifted and maintained at  a higher frequency.



  • Vetch- grounding, Assists us in clearing old energies, calls in abundance on all levels.

    Scotch broom- helps us not let the state of the world overwhelm us. Empowers us to take action within our personal world  thus helping us be the change needed in the world.

    Iris- allows you to bring forth the unique expression only you can bring to the world.

    Fairy Bells- opens us to the unexpected and magical, to receive guidance, release murky thoughts, depression. I am at ease. This too shall pass.

    Paperwhites-white light is the essence of everything, illustrates pure love, hope/promise of light emerging from the darkness. Allows one's innermost self to shine. 

    Jade-good luck, health, abundance, growth, heart and  deep healing energy.

    Poinsetta-generosity, abundance, humanitarian focus- part of the global family. Love and laughter- the sheer joy of being alive.

  • 2023 Essential Oil Blend

    Cistus - Rock Rose - a spiritual oil long used for meditation.  Opens the third eye and promotes intuition. Helps quiet and elevate the mind while grounding and sedating the nervous system.

    Melissa - a cell communicator which supports the revival of one's Inner Truth of Love and Light by clearing overbearing emotions and allowing in success, peace, and purification.

    Orange - boosts optimism, confidence, restores aura after serious illness or emotional stress. Brings a sense of spiritual warmth, attracts love.

    Rose - love, calms nerves, relieves anxiety, pressure, traumas, stress, helps with sleep disorders, attracts good luck,helps one see the coexistence of spiritual and natural worlds.

    Juniper - instills a feeling of absolute peace and tranquility, is strongly protective, dispels negative energies and entities, heightens clairvoyance,  helps balance emotions and support mental health.

    Sandalwood - brings one closer to the divine, incites calmness and clears the mind.


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