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                                        I integrate body, mind and spirit in my work with my clients.  All are interconnected and               
                                       stagnation or blockage in our bodies, minds, emotions or energy fields can affect us in a myriad of ways.

                                       Moving  the qi (chi - life energy) through massage, energy work, sound therapy, flower essences, essential oils                                           are all  tools  utilized.  I strive to engage my clients to be active participants in their  own well being by                                                   offering  nutritional  suggestions, questions to ponder,  personal affirmations or mantras to work with as well as                                           exercises to assist  them physically. I have been working in the field of body and mind sciences since the ‘80’s, doing my own work and sharing  as I continue to learn and  employ various modalities and techniques.

Cheryl is also a yoga and Kundalini teacher, cookbook author, wellness workshop leader, flower essence practitioner, and all round student of life in all its dimensions and relationships.

We are all on this journey together, none of us alone, and to the best of her ability she will support and offer services to assist clients in their growth, struggles and celebrations. Her ultimate goal is empowerment for each individual within the support and connection of a caring community.

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