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Life Bright FREE Preview

Life Bright is "Guidance and medicine for the hero’s journey that we’re all on"

Life Bright is all about remembrance, connection and alignment.
Remembering we are beings of light and love.

Connecting  and aligning  all aspects of ourselves- our physical, energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental bodies and our environments, cycles, with the greater cosmos all around us.

Each of us have a unique perspective and life journey.
This is where drawing upon our intuition becomes essential.
We are not meant to follow someone else's words or travel on their path, but must instead trust ourselves. The Life Bright course helps us create our personal owner’s manual.

We are complex beings living in a challenging world. This course will challenge us to dive into the questions of  how and why we operate from our physical, mental,

emotional, spiritual, and energetic perspectives.
 As we better understand our answers we can own responsibility for that which empowers us or draws us away
from our better selves. This process will give us tools to experience life as a safe space, to lessen reactivity and be a love presence so big we can't help but shine. 

Stepping into our dharma is to be mindful, to live on-purpose with all

our thoughts, words and actions to the best of our abilities within this moment.

Self-understanding, curiosity, compassion and practice can assist those who are curious, who desire to bring their fullness and light into the world, a world which needs it more than ever!

Human beings are inherently Tribal.

The lower-frequency survival mechanism of ‘us against them’ we are currently experiencing, needs to be raised to the higher vibration to encompass all of us
as One-Earth Tribe, where we want the best for everyone, not just the individual.
A tribe to uplift, encourage and help hold each other accountable.
Life Bright is a Tribal-gathering to increase the desire for global healing

 of the earth and all her inhabitants.

With this as a goal, I will be sharing provocative questions, mediations, insights, recipes, energetic practices, what’s going on in the cosmos, and whatever else is worthy of our attention.

Step 1


This is an Audio welcome from Cheryl Gomez for all Life Bright participants.

Step 2

Video - Begin Your Day

Begin your day with calling on the 4 directions.

As you begin to practice this every day begin to allow your own words to flow, what you are feeling, needing, desiring to express- make it unique to you.


Why? To connect to the elements which create everything. They are the building blocks of the material world. We want to be grounded and balanced as we commence our day, our year.


Turn yourself to face the south- different cultures practice orienting from different directions first.

 Call upon the powers of the south and the fire element

To the South is the fire element - action, transformation- how do we want to be? Free of the past, open and connected to our hearts, to be in compassion- to extend Grace to ourselves and others-to endeavor to do our best and give grace trusting that others are as well.


"Turn to the West- Call upon the powers of the west and the water element

The water element is feelings, emotions, the medicine of understanding the psyche, our inner world, self reflection. Allowing all to come and go- to flow.



Turn to the North-Call upon the powers of the north and the earth element

The earth, grounding, balance, rest, the past our ancestors and their wisdom which we honor and build our future.



Turn to the East- Call upon the powers of the east and the air element.

The air element is the rising sun, the place of inspiration- to rise, to soar, to imagine.

Now look down- to mother earth- honoring her and all her creatures-the great, the small, including the plant and stone peoples.

Looking up- father sky, grandmother moon, great spirit- the one with many names and the unnameable one.


Now bring all the energies home to your heart, honor, breathe, balance, ground.

Say Thank you 3xs

Then, Begin your day.

Step 3

The Light Within Audio Meditation

This is Audio will help us to focus on our new journey and the Light Within..

Step 4

Week 1 - BLOG

We have a new moon in Capricorn.
New moons are the time to plant seeds of intent.
To then move forward gently nurturing and allowing the sprouting process to begin.
To sprout a seed needs to shed its hard, protective outer shell, to stretch down into the earth, to receive its nourishment and support and start
reaching for the sky - the light.
We are in a similar phase. We are leaving behind the darkest nights and shortest days and beginning the journey towards more light.
It’s a process of unfolding the potential within while shedding the layers which have kept us safe but in many ways dormant. The light within us is calling, activating, desiring new, different actions from us.  

That is what this journey around the sun will be about. Ways, tools, practices to open and support us bringing forth our Life-Bright.
That is the Capricorn part of this new moon- the systems and structures we need to engage in to bring about this change. practicing until what was unfamiliar becomes integrated into our thoughts and actions.
That is the change we will be engaging in.

We are also experiencing Venus retrograde which is causing us to do some deep diving into our relationships- and the one relationship which spans all others is the one with ourselves. 
A journal question for yourself might be:
What does an ideal relationship look like?

Feel like?

Where in your life is it exhibited?

I know when I answered this my answer brought me back to myself - which is where we can all be striving for a better, loving, more compassionate relationship. So please post in the group section what

insights you gleaned. 

I am honored to have you be part of this journey!


Step 5

Ponder the 7 Sacred Laws

Sprouted Buckwheat Bread Glutes-Free

3 cups raw buckwheat- cover with enough water to be several inches above the wheat-groats or kernels.


Cover and soak 8-12 hours - this depends on room temperature of your house - warmer temperature = less time. Make certain groats are always cover with water.


Strain, in colander- should be slimy, put in a food processor with 2 tsp sea salt and pulse until mostly smooth bread consistency. Want moisture, if needed add more water.

Add ⅓ cup sprouted sunflower seeds,

2-3 Tbs each ground chia and flax seeds.

Put batter into bowl, cover and rest 10- 12 hours.


Pour into parchment lined bread pan

preheat oven to 400 degrees and bake 1 hour.


Cool, then turn upside down to slice.


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