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Sleep 2

- supports the ability to rest and have a

full night's sleep.

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White Peony - affinity for the liver and the early morning hours


Angelica -insomnia and nocturnal urination

Bedstraw - anti spasmatic,, habitual tensions and anxieties

Dill - calming, releases fears: of death, separation and abandonment

Prickly Lettuce - helps with sleep

Skullcap - to enhance physical and emotional relaxation.

Self Heal- releases fear, especially the fear of death. It helps us to see other perspectives. Indications: self critical and self sabotage, lack of support.


Lemon Balm - calms, regulates sleep cycle.

Note: if taking more than 1 remedy be sure to take them at different times of the day- not together.
Ingredients : purified water, vibrational frequencies of flowers, plants and trees preserved in a local plum brandy. Gemstone, Reiki and Moon charged.

Dosage recommendation: can be taken on tongue or in beverage 3 - 7 drops, 1 - 4x/ day. Test yourself and allow your intuition to guide you on your journey.

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