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- stepping fully into the present,
the new and/or you!

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Monkshood - provides protection and support for getting in touch with the deepest levels of the inner self; strengthens our ability to interact with others by fostering a clear recognition of our own Divine identity.


Echinacea - maintain a strong sense of Self, especially when challenged.


Liliac - helps us adapt quickly to surprises with a flexible, accepting heart. For being at peace with the way things are.


Wild Geranium - harmonizes general unease, and self criticism, calms stress, counters depression with joy and helps you to bring projects to fruition. Positive initiative for ending stagnation, breaking old limitations, beliefs, and programming.


Purple Aster - simulates self-confidence while also protecting and stimulating a connection to Higher Source.


Honeysuckle - encourages the positive potential to live in the present and not be held back. Be here now- no past or future only present.


Purple Reed - the inherent strength of foundation with the flexibility to flow while feeling the constant presence of the divine within.

Note: if taking more than 1 remedy be sure to take them at different times of the day- not together.
Ingredients : purified water, vibrational frequencies of flowers, plants and trees preserved in a local plum brandy. Gemstone, Reiki and Moon charged.

Dosage recommendation: can be taken on tongue or in beverage 3 - 7 drops, 1 - 4x/ day. Test yourself and allow your intuition to guide you on your journey.

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