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 supports us in finding and maintaining balance

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Adaptogen is about helping us find and maintain balance, if we're in need of a boost it'll supply it, if we're needing less of something, it'll help lessen our excess.  Whatever the challenge looks like, this formula helps us find our center from which to calmly address or just be with what is.

Arrowleaf Balsam - heals old wounds in relationships and rebuilds connections, helps with community and promoting empathy and understanding.

North Idaho Biscuitroot - hardy, resilient  staples medicinal and edible- all the biscuitroots played an integral part in the lives of Native Americans- each species is a slightly unique offering of these qualities of support and nourishment from the earths.

Fernleaf Biscuitroot-see above


Gromswell  Biscuitroot -see above


Wild Hyacinth - mingling of heaven and earth, as above so below, both parts of the whole


Wild long stem pink Phlox - communication between systems within body


Salsify- strength, vigor, alignment of the sun through the individual

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