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- detox body, emotions & energy.

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Cilantro - supports a deep cleansing of the mental body where we typically store outgrown mind ideas and old illusions that need to go. This both physically and energetically opens space in our energy systems and brains.


Parsley - cleanses on many levels:, allowing subtle energy to move and creating stillness, peace, new perspectives.


Dandelion - for lack of awareness of the deeper mental attitudes that lead to chronic muscular tension. For releasing emotional energy stored in the body.


Burdock - helps us get to the bottom of any healing crisis to bring the core issue to light then offers a template for finding our health again. Burdock holds great wisdom about discernment on a cellular level. It also offers wisdom about the blood. An excellent healing ally for any health crisis. Helps keep our energy clean, high in vibration and grounded.


False Dandelion - targets release of deep subconscious identity with shame, the need to vent rage, and buried hurt. The resulting release is conquering anger.


Plantain - dissolves negative and repetitive thought patterns that keep you stuck in old cycles.


Sow Thistle - support to clear the heart of old hates and bitterness, moves us away from lives of extreme drama.


Dock weed - helps us to flush out old emotions that have become stagnant and even materialized in the form of hard matter or congestion in the colon. It has a downward flowing action.


Pumpkin- helps with microenvironment balance- the physical plant is a de-wormer

Note: if taking more than 1 remedy be sure to take them at different times of the day- not together.
Ingredients : purified water, vibrational frequencies of flowers, plants and trees preserved in a local plum brandy. Gemstone, Reiki and Moon charged.

Dosage recommendation: can be taken on tongue or in beverage 3 - 7 drops, 1 - 4x/ day. Test yourself and allow your intuition to guide you on your journey.

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