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Life-Bright - Nurturing our inner-light!

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Guidance and medicine for the hero’s journey we’re all on. Life is about remembrance (that we are made of the stuff of the cosmos- of light and love), awareness ( of our power) and the willingness to say yes as well as thank you (to choose to be in our hearts). Each of us is on a journey unique to each of us. This is where our intuition is essential. We can’t just follow another's words or path, but must trust ourselves This is a site to help us create a personalized owner’s manual. We are complex beings living in a challenging world choosing to delve into the questions of who we are, how we operate-physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and why we do what we do. This demonstrates a responsibility which empowers us. To own our choices, to understand why we make them and if so desired, choose differently, means we have the ability to experience life upleveled. To have tools to experience life as a safe place, to lessen reactivity and be a love presence so big we can’t help but shine is what we can gain by employing the tools. To step into our dharma is to be mindful, in/on purpose with all our thoughts, words and actions to the best of our abilities in the moment. Self understanding, curiosity, compassion and practices can assist those who are curious, and who desire to bring their fullness and light.

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Life Bright - Nurturing Our Inner-Light!

Life Bright - Nurturing Our Inner-Light!

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