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- relating to feelings of worry, nervousness, unease or an uncertain outcome.

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Pear - stability, peace of mind; returns a sense of rhythm and proportion; being fully in the present moment.

Trout Lily - brings the ability to exist in the present moment- peace.


Skullcap - enhances physical and mental relaxation.


Strawberry - Strong, quiet sense of self and self-worth; for grounding; reliability.


Chocolate Lily - helps us open to and hold our life experiences with more spaciousness and less reactivity.


Lemon Balm - eases mental velocity, enhances deep relaxation. Moves anxiety out so revelation can surface.


Pearly Everlasting - helps us access tools within us to electrically adapt and thrive. Helpful for when your energy fields feel congested and spiritual energies are unable to freely move through. This can create a sense of your body feeling dense, “un-in-lightened.”

Note: if taking more than 1 remedy be sure to take them at different times of the day- not together.
Ingredients : purified water, vibrational frequencies of flowers, plants and trees preserved in a local plum brandy. Gemstone, Reiki and Moon charged.

Dosage recommendation: can be taken on tongue or in beverage 3 - 7 drops, 1 - 4x/ day. Test yourself and allow your intuition to guide you on your journey.

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